Yoga Off the Mat: Applying Ancient Principles to Modern Business

Wow! That’s a mouthful…but such a sweet mouthful, for me anyway. As many of you know I am a business coach AND a yoga teacher. I am passionate about both of these lines of work. However, the two have given me a sense of frustration and anxiety as well…for so many years they seemed so separate. One minute I was barefoot on a yoga mat and the next I was in heels in a boardroom. For the past two years I have been highly invested in a mastermind where I have spent time exploring the possiblity of merging the two. It has led me to stand in both places, on and off the mat, simultaneously. I was taught three important principles in my Anusara yoga training: Attitude. Alignment. Action. My big Aha came when I realized I was coaching clients on: Attitude. Alignment. Action. Plus I have added a few bonus’s. Attitude: are you clear that you and only you is responsible for how your day will unfold Authnticity: are you who you say you are Alignment: having your purpose and vision for your business in alignment with your mission, core values and commitments Action: your plan, your business in motion Attraction: get the first four A’s down and attract the support and clients you were meant to serve If you think this might be of help for you in your business please feel free to apply for a free strategy session with me at Have a great Attitude. Be Authentic. Get into Alignment. Get into Action. Attract the business and clients you desire.
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