Welcome to Business Zen.  My intention is to travel with you and help guide you along a path toward creating a healthy sustainable business.  Is it tough out there?  Depends on how you look at it.  I choose to look for the opportunities that are seemingly hidden.  I encourage you to do the same.  I invite you to start your day, every day, by setting your intention to look for an opportunity to build your business;  right a wrong; make someone smile; don’t complain and most importantly…be grateful.  To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. In gratitude, Johanna
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Marketing and Multi-Vitamins

johanna mcclain    When you decide you need to boost your energy and supplement your diet by beginning a multi-vitamin regimen…what’s the first step?  Research.  Do your homework to find the product(s) that will best suite your health goals.  Once you have made a decision, a purchase and you take your first daily dose…do you expect instant results?  Do you take your supplement one day and based on those results decide if it works or not. If your answer is YES you have set yourself up for failure.  The correct answer is NO!  It takes time and it takes paying attention to the subtle and not so subtle effects.  Then it takes adjusting your regimen not abandoning your regimen for optimal results.

   When you decide you need to boost your sales and supplement your business awareness in the marketplace…what’s the first step?  Research.  Do your homework to find the marketing products and services that will best speak to your clients and potential clients that will turn them into buyers…thus reaching your sales goals and growth potential.  Once you have made a decision, a purchase and you launch your marketing campaign…do you expect instant results?  If your answer is YES you have set yourself up for failure.  The correct answer is NO!  It takes time and it takes paying attention and it takes listening (a future blog) for the subtle and not so subtle effects.  Then it takes adjusting your campaign not abandoning your campaign for optimal results.

Be Smart.      Be Willing.      Be Committed.      Be Consistent.



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Be Remarkable

foodforthoughtI was talking with one of my dear friends this morning about what it takes to be Remarkable.  I think it takes a burning desire to make a difference in the world.   Be Courageous.  Be Spirited    Be Remarkable!
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The Yoga of Non-Stealing in Business

In Sanskrit the word for Non-Stealing is Asteya. The obvious is not taking what does not belong to us and we often think of our possessions but I would like to broaden that as we think of how we conduct ourselves in our business relationships.  One of the areas that we need to be mindful of, because we cannot get or give it back, is time.  A precious valuable asset.  Examine and practice Asteya, the Non-Stealing, of Time and set this powerful Principle in motion. We are building a solid foundation for our business… Ahimsa, non-harming.    Satya, truthfulness.    Asteya, non-stealing. SONY DSC
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The Yoga of Truthfullness in Business

The Yama’s are the first limb of the 8 limbs of yoga as presented by Patanjali.  Last week we talked about the first of the Yama’s, Ahimsa (non-harming) and how our thoughts, actions or words can literally kill someone’s or even your dreams and ideas.  The second of the Yama’s, Satya, is coming from a place of honesty and truthfulness. That’s it! Practice Ahimsa and Satya this week as you re-enforce your businesses foundation based on these ancient principles. Give Support.  Be Honest.  Be your biggest You!    
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The Yoga of Non-Harming in Business

Practicing the ancient principle or yama of ahimsa (non harming) in business can transform your organization (even if it’s an organization of one).  If someone has a idea, even if YOU don’t think it will work, come from a place of inquiry…how about saying “that’s interesting tell me more” instead of “that will never work”. Be Inquisitive.  Listen.  Practice Ahimsa.  
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Creating Abundance

I have been enjoying Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge. Today was day 9 and after completing the meditation and reflecting on how to bring Abundance into our lives I came to the simple conclusion that we must…   Give with no strings attached. Receive with Grace. Be Generous.                Be Gracious.                Experience Abundance.
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Core Values

Yesterday, in my live tele-training, we had an in-depth discussion about the importance of having Core Values clearly defined as part of your business success model.  Why?  Core Values are your foundation, your guiding principles.  They are what keeps your business together in good times and bad.  Your Core Values represent your highest priorities and deeply held beliefs.  In our competitive environment, your clearly defined and communicated Core Values will set you apart from your competition and have your clients say yes to doing business with you over someone else. Be Bold.  Be Purposeful.  Be guided by your Core Values.
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Are You Excited?

I woke up this morning excited about what was possible for me today and it got me wondering…are you excited too? Do you realize that what you do and what you offer NO ONE ELSE DOES?  You are uniquely YOU and people come to rely on you for that.  Now that’s exciting! Show your enthusiasm and your passion for what you do and people can’t help but respond to it. Be Excited.  Be Bold.  Be Yourself.  
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Back to School

Yesterday was the first day back to school after summer break.  I remember all of the mixed feelings of going back to school.  I didn’t want summer to end but I was also excited to see all of my friends that I had missed over the summer. There was  lots of anticipation and trepidation about who our teachers would be…and of course everyone had an opinion on if they were “good” or “bad”. Let’s transport ourselves back to a time of learning, growth and development.  It’s the second day of school.  Who is in your circle of influence?  Do they have a positive or negative influence on your life, business and pursuit of dreams.  What “classes” are you taking to keep you mentally and physically engaged, excited and fit?  Have you chosen teachers and coaches to help keep you focused, motivated and accountable? Is your curriculum balanced between requirements, electives and advanced courses? I encourage you to make this semester your best ever.    
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The Power of Words

We are intelligent people.  We know the power of words.  We don’t need to be reminded of this.  Or do we? We have choices to make when we decide what words we will use to express ourselves. I remember when my son was very small reading that his self-esteem could be strengthened or weakened depending on how I chose to discipline him.  For example if he did something “wrong” I could say “you are so stupid” or I could say “could you have made a different choice?”. I admit I made plenty of mistakes but I made it a point to be mindful of my words so that he know it was his action not him that needed to be changed….and he is a very confident young man today. The same principle applies to our own self-talk.  We are sometimes running old tapes that someone else helped us to record.  This is not a habit easily broken but it worth breaking. One of the best tools I know of came out of my Sassy Mastermind with Lisa Sasevich when she introduced Edwene Gaines book “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity” and Edwene’s 21-Day Challenge where she made a commitment that for 21 day she would not Gossip, Criticize or Complain – not to others or even to herself. No negative language at all for 21 Days! Don’t worry if you don’t make it to 21 Days all you have to do is start over with a new 21-Day cycle. I promise you… this is a life changing tool that will help you reclaim your power. Will you take this on?  
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